Weekend with Lasso

This course is for advanced players of renaissance instruments (dulcian, shawm, cornett, trombone, crumhorn). We will work on several large scored pieces. Some of those will be performed in a festive Mass in the charming Romanesque convent church.
Date: 30 April 2015 – 3 May 2015
Course Fee: 120 €
Music Sheets: will be send up front. You may choose between facsimile or modern notation.
Lectures: Regine Häußler (shawm, dulcian)
Ingo Voelkner (shawm, dulcian)
Jens Bauer (trombone, slide trumpet)
Deadline: 31.01.2015
Accomodation Possibilities:
Herberge an der Klosterkirche / lodging at the convent church
Lippoldsberger Hof / hotel
Landhotel „Zum Anker“ / country hotel
Gasthaus und Pension „Zur Linde“ / Inn and guest-house
(Familie Kraus, Bergstraße 2, 37194 Wahlsburg-Lippoldsberg, Tel.: 05572 – 7394)
Attendees must book their own reservations. Accomodation is not inclueded in the course fees.
Address: Herberge an der Klosterkirche, Klosterhof 3, D-37194 Wahlsburg-Lippoldsberg.
Jens Bauer, Louisegade 27, DK-6440 Augustenborg
Regine Häußler, Stefan-Zweig-Straße 10, 22175 Hamburg,