Foto: Joachim Rosse - Leipzig
Jens Bauer
trombone and recorders
Studied trombone in Dresden and early music in Leipzig. Works as a freelance musician with different early music groups (Balthasar Neumann Ensemble, Concerto Köln, Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin). Teaching at different educational institutions and courses
Regine Häußler
alto shawm and recorders
Studied recorder in Trossingen and Leipzig. Teaching at different music academies and the »Thomas Choir«. Participation in different ensembles and festivals (a.o. »Händelfestspiele Halle«).
Ingo Voelkner
soprano shawm, recorders and harpsichord
Studied Early Music in Leipzig/ Germany concentrating on the recorder, baroque oboe and harpsichord as well as Music of the Middle-Ages and the Renaissance at »Fontys Conservatory of Arts« Tilburg with Rebecca Stewart, Maurice van Lieshout and Adam Gilbert. He has participated in masterclasses and workshops given by a.o. Ku Ebbinge, Michael Posch and Skip Sempé.