Just as a dominant feature of the Renaissance was its lively interest in the ancient world, a period which until then had largely faded from memory and been forgotten, we too became interested in the Renaissance, the period, for example, of Martin Luther, Leonardo da Vinci, Christopher Columbus...
In some ways we have taken the people of this period, with their inquiring minds and their curiosity about the world of the past, as our role models. We too have undertaken a similar voyage of discovery. We borrowed our name from Aeolos, the Greek god of the winds.
Come with us on a musical journey back through time into the Europe of the 15th and 16th centuries! We would like to delight you with the special, varied range of instruments of the Alta Capella, with its shawm, bombards and sackbut, or the Bassa Capella with its recorders and dulcian. Depending on the programme, singers, speakers and percussionists can also be involved in the performance.
Let us take you on an exciting journey – whether it be to a wedding in Ferrara, to a trial in a Lübeck court, or to a ball in Paris...
Relax while listening to convivial, mellow and also curious sounds.
Our shared love of Renaissance music brought us members of the Four together when we were students in Leipzig. By means of concerts, courses and competitions, for example in Denmark, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland, we had the opportunity to pass on to others our enthusiasm for Renaissance music and the Renaissance period.